Reddit to be redesigned


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Mar 11, 2017
Reddit is going to be redesigned soon. Hopefully there isn't a lot of white, unused space.
Hi Mods,

You may recall from my announcement post earlier this year that I mentioned we’re currently working on a full redesign of the site, which brings me to the two topics I wanted to talk to you about today: Custom Styles and Mod Tools.

Custom Styles
Custom community styles are a key component in allowing communities to express their identity, and we want to preserve this in the site redesign. For a long time, we’ve used CSS as the mechanism for subreddit customization, but we’ll be deprecating CSS during the redesign in favor of a new system over the coming months. While CSS has provided a wonderful creative canvas to many communities, it is not without flaws:

  • It’s web-only. Increasing users are viewing Reddit on mobile (over 50%), where CSS is not supported. We’d love for you to be able to bring your spice to phones as well.
  • CSS is a pain in the ***: it’s difficult to learn; it’s error-prone; and it’s time consuming.
  • Some changes cause confusion (such as changing the subscription numbers).
  • CSS causes us to move slow. We’d like to make changes more quickly. You’ve asked us to improve things, and one of the things that slows us down is the risk of breaking subreddit CSS (and third-party mod tools).
We’re designing a new set of tools to address the challenges with CSS but continue to allow communities to express their identities. These tools will allow moderators to select customization options for key areas of their subreddit across platforms. For example, header images and flair colors will be rendered correctly on desktop and mobile.

We know great things happen when we give users as much flexibility as possible. The menu of options we’ll provide for customization is still being determined. Our starting point is to replicate as many of the existing uses that already exist, and to expand beyond as we evolve.

We will also natively supporting a lot of the functionality that subreddits currently build into the sidebar via a widget system. For instance, a calendar widget will allow subreddits to easily display upcoming events. We’d like this feature and many like it to be accessible to all communities.

How are we going to get there? We’ll be working closely with as many of you as possible to design these features. The process will span the next few months. We have a lot of ideas already and are hoping you’ll help us add and refine even more. The transition isn’t going to be easy for everyone, so we’ll assist communities that want help (i.e. we’ll do it for you). u/powerlanguage will be reaching out for alpha testers.

Mod Tools
Mod tools have evolved over time to be some of the most complex parts of Reddit, both in terms of user experience and the underlying code. We know that these tools are crucial for the maintaining the health of your communities, and we know many of you who moderate very large subreddits depend on third-party tools for your work. Not breaking these tools is constantly on our mind (for better or worse).

We’re in contact with the devs of Toolbox, and would like to work together to port it to the redesign. Once that is complete, we’ll begin work on updating these tools, including supporting natively the most requested features from Toolbox.

The existing site and the redesigned site will run in parallel while we make these changes. That is, we don’t have plans for turning off the current site anytime soon. If you depend on functionality that has not yet been transferred to the redesign, you will still have a way to perform those actions.

While we have your attention… we’re also growing our internal team that handles spam and bad-actors. Our current focus is on report abuse. We’ve caught a lot of bad behavior. We hope you notice the difference, and we’ll keep at it regardless.

Moving Forward
We know moderation can feel janitorial–thankless and repetitive. Thank you for all that you do. Our goal is to take care much of that burden so you can focus on helping your communities thrive.

Big changes are ahead. These are fundamental, core issues that we’ll be grappling with together–changes to how communities are managed and express identity are not taken lightly. We’ll be giving you further details as we move forward, but wanted to give you a heads up early.

Thanks for reading.

update: now that I've cherry-picked all the easy questions, I'm going to take off and leave the hard ones for u/powerlanguage. I'll be back in a couple hours.


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Mar 10, 2017
Have they done it yet? I haven't checked. I didn't read all that but I'm curious and wanted to respond to your thread. I hear your a reddit user (from you).