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Mar 10, 2017
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Here's a list of coding challenge sites that offer free use with tons of community support on each one. Tons of coding challenges are offered free of cost. Good for users that want to test themselves and get better at a hands on approach. I've been looking for sites like this for some time and I finally found them. Excellent way to better yourself in coding. Supports tons of languages.

One of them, CodeWars which is my favorite and most recommended to CauseCoder members has a premium service that is cheap and is only for account extras but is free to use in all main aspects. Their premium service is $5/month or $24 for 6 months. Seems to be worth every penny. Also SPOJ and CodinGame have a plugin for JetBrains products, phpstorm for example where you can submit and test your answer live from your IDE which is very convenient. I currently have the SPOJ plugin installed and may work with the CodinGame one later.

I'm currently using CodeWars to learn javascript and php but intend to use it for C++ and even Java later on down the road as well as the other sites.

Now one of these actually pays out in cash such as TopCoder when you complete a challenge. Personally I'm not to into the paid ones as I just want to use these sites to learn but if you are good at what you do you could make a few extra bucks (or a few thousand).

Here's a list of all the ones I know about:

http://www.codewars.com | Recommended

All of these are free for learning purposes. Some like codingame actually have you play a game when your coding and this may help some of you who have a harder time learning as it makes it much more interesting and fun to participate in.

Top Coder is probably the most challenging and I recommend this only to expert coders who do what they do for a living or want to make some cash because they think they're good enough. Not for the faint of heart. Though there are some free challenges too that don't pay and they also have easier challenges for those just beginning to learn so it's still a good option. My favorite is still codewars because it seems more professional to me. Others that made me interested are codingame and codefights, spoj and hackerrank for C++ since they don't have much to choose from. The first three is just mentioned are all good well rounded places to learn.

Anyways I know this will make someones day when they read this. When I found out about these sites I was surely thrilled that they were available without any cost to me and were free for my use. Good luck to those wanting to learn! I know it's helping me personally. :)

- TopSilver
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