1. Chiha

    Most Effective Social Media Platforms To Promote On

    What is the best social media platform to promote your business or product on? I think this is a very polarizing issue in the 21st century but one that deserves discussion. The time and resources of individuals and small businesses is limited so the ability to focus on a small group or even...
  2. Chiha

    What's up? It's Chiha!

    Hello folks, this is Chiha. I just wanted to introduce myself. I run a YouTube channel called Chiha (Just look up Chiha Gaming). My goal is entertain people and connect with the community. I don't care a ton about views or subscribers. I just want to make good content that makes you laugh and...
  3. Napoleon The Comedian

    Hey, I'm Napoleon

    I make videos on my youtube channel, I'm probably doing this wrong (I'm new duh). I make gaming videos like everyone else on youtube and am doing pretty well with 58 subscribers when I wrote this.
  4. Nagato

    SVG Line Animation Tutorial with CSS

  5. Nagato

    YouTube Programming Channels, the List

    The following is a list of YouTube channels that are focused around programming. DevTips - Probably the only person who uses advanced/modern technologies(EG Sass, Pug) in tutorials and explains how to do things. Codecourse - This YouTube channel will teach you the very basics. A lot of his...
  6. creamtv

    Lets add a streamer section

    Yeah for like youtube, twitch, hitbox, vortex,, dingit, douyu, pandatv, their are many and we can post links for our broadcasts here and we can bring additional traffic to the site by also listing code shrek as a sponsor i consider Cs to be my sponsor as you're promoting my page on...