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    I'm proud to say we've added several new functionality with the forum. Details inside

    Always great to see that a page is constantly getting better and better keep it up guys :)
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    Hey everyone im johnson

    xD Hi and welcome to our little group ;)
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi there :)
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    Site Updated with Individual Node Icons

    I like them :D Esspecially the Beginners Alley and Responsive Design and Frameworks
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    Catching Up

    I watch your videos Seaweed but I always forget to leave a comment :D next time i wont forget ;)
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    Howdy from Dallas

    Hi man have a good time here ;)
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    Neither can I :D
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    C# Tutorial series

    WoW thanks for the video. I think it will help with my studies :)
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    Hi everyone!

    So my name is Marcus or Mark and I am youtuber who makes gaming funny moments videos. And also I'm in uni studying Business Informatics so yeah this is one of the reasons I've signed up to this site :) And because B-rad kindly invited me :D So yeah I think that is it about me :)