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imizael Sep 12, 2017

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    My name is Imizael and I’m a YouTuber my channel is called Imi’s Out There? The channel has been going for about a year now. This channel started as a project for my ITC course but has grown since then and has become part of everyday enjoyment.

    I am told quite a bit that I sound like a teenager but that is far from the truth I’m 34 years and hail from Northern Ireland so yea my accent is kinda odd.​
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    Welcome to the site imizael! I hope to take Cause Coders a long way. Glad for you to join us.

    Check out some other threads and post around or even make some of your own if you have anything interesting to talk about. I'd love to see more of you on the site. If you get the required post count for having your youtube link in the footer let me know and I'll promote your link from the footer.

    Here's a link to the announcement about it. It takes 15 posts to be added and 30 posts to be safe from being removed.

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    Welcome Imi! Glad to have you in Cause Coders and Streamer squad! If you need any help with anything here feel free to ask it is what we are here for. :D
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